Doncaster Hackspace is a small friendly hackspace located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK.

Doncaster has a long making and manufacturing history and is famous for its Locomotive Works and especially for producing world record holding steam trains LNER Mallard and the LNER Flying Scotsman. The photograph in our site header is of people working in the Doncaster Works and can be found along with others in the Science Museum, Doncaster Works Collection.

We are an active supporter of the Hackspace Foundation and Hackspaces UK, as well as a regular attender at the bi yearly EMF Camp Festivals. We have attended and participated in several of these to date and are looking forward to continuing this, contributing volunteers and effort to the festivals construction crew and conference organisation.

There is a very wide range of other roles that members can volunteer for if they choose to attend an EMF Camp. We usually book a group camping area (Village) for our members. To get a feel for the sorts of presentations and talks that are characteristic of these festivals it is worth having a rummage through the recordings of previous years linked at the bottom of the Wikipedia page or the EMF Camp web pages.